Girl Develop It Ann Arbor

Girl Develop It Ann Arbor: Event Organizer Role - Apply here!

Event Organizer Role Description

The Event Organizer(EO) commits to the role for one calendar year. This role is responsible for the planning and execution of events for the Girl Develop It Ann Arbor chapter. The events include but are not limited to workshops, panel events, presentations, code & beverage events, etc.

Events to Organize

Core classes, speaker, venue, and sponsor will be predetermined by the Chapter Leaders(CL). EOs can then sign on for the events that align with their interests and schedule. EOs are highly encouraged to present topic ideas they are passionate in organizing to the Chapter Leader team. The Chapter Leaders will then work with the EO towards making the class happen. The EO’s will be responsible for communicating with the PR and Social Media Organizers to properly promote their event.

Our Commitments to YOU:
  • As an Event Organizer, you will be supported and mentored by your CL team. Any challenges that may occur with attendees, etc..
  • As an Event Organizer, you will be supported and mentored by your CL team. Any challenges that may occur with attendees, sponsors, Event Organizers are welcome to take any GDI workshop, free of charge. These workshop credits are non-transferable, and 100% attendance is expected. We understand emergencies occur, and life does happen! If you’re unable to attend a session of a workshop, please email or message us on Slack.
Event Expectations:
  • EO will be familiar with GDI practices and resources.
  • EO will consistently work through their Trello card(s), completing items in a timely manner according to the set deadlines. EO will communicate with Chapter Leaders, community members, sponsors, and any other party involved with GDI with respect and consideration of their time.
  • EO will be available via their preferred method of communication (Slack or cell phone) the day of and during their event. This is to ensure that any last-minute occurrences can be handled promptly and efficiently.
  • EO will wear some sort of GDI apparel (t shirt and/or button) as well as a name tag during their event. Being easily identifiable as a person who can help is meaningful to our attendees (tees and/or buttons will be provided by the chapter).
  • EO will be responsible for presenting slides at the beginning and end (when applicable) of the event(s) they have coordinated. (Please reach out to a CL ahead of time to make different arrangements if you’d rather not present).
  • EO will carry themselves in a professional manner that is in line with the GDI Code of Conduct.