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Girl Develop It is here to empower and assist women interested in getting into and advancing in the tech industry through affordable and accessible programs.

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  • We are here for you!
  • Every question is important.
  • Help each other.
  • Have fun!

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Summer ConferencePanel Discussion

Monday 8/4 @ Ann Arbor SPARK

6:30pm   |   330 E. Liberty St.

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Code & Coffee

Saturday 8/16 @ Espresso Royale

10am - 1pm   |   324 S. State St.

Upcoming Events

Tech 101

Thursday 8/21 @ MLive

6:30pm   |   111 N. Ashley

Upcoming Events

Intro to WordPress2-Night Workshop

Mon. 8/25 & Wed. 8/27 @ Pillar

6pm - 9pm   |   1327 Jones Dr.

Community Events

  • GDG A2 - Google I/O Show & Tell
    Thursday 7/31 @ Arbormoon
  • GDI Detroit - Intro to Android
    Monday 8/4 @ AO Detroit
  • Craftman Guild - A Swift Intro
    Tuesday 8/5 @ Atomic Object
  • A2 .NET - Going Independent
    Tuesday 8/13 @ Atomic Object
  • SEM.js - The JavaScript that makes Basecamp Tick
    Tuesday 8/11 @ Nutshell
  • GDI Detroit - Intro to Web Accessibility
    Sunday 8/16 @ Detroit Public Library
  • A2 New Tech - Monthly Meetup
    Tuesday 8/19 @ Law School, South Hall, Room 1225
  • A2 Ruby Brigade - Component Based Architecture
    Tuesday 8/26 @ Atomic Object
  • Ann Arbor Women Coders
    Every Other Wed @ Espresso Royale - 324 State
  • Plus soooo many more we couldn't fit here...


Women In Tech
Panel Discussion


Tech Republic

According to the National Center for Women & Information Technology's, women made up 26% of the computing workforce in 2013

Google released a study that showed the percentage of women in computer science majors in 2012 was at 18%, but in the mid-1980s, it was almost double that at 37%

We’ve seen a handful of major companies come out recently with stats on their female workforce - Google at 30%, Yahoo at 37%, Facebook at 31%

The Harvard Business School did a study showing that only 7% of venture funding capital goes to women-owned businesses. And Fortune did another study that shows only 4.2% of investing venture capitalists are women.

According to the NCWIT, 56% of women in technology leave their employers mid-career.

Tech Republic

According to 2012 research by Intel’s Genevieve Bell, women are the lead adopters of technology - using the internet 17% more than men in Western countries.

47% of Indiegogo’s campaigns are led by women.

A 2012 study from Dow Jones showed that startups with women executives succeed more often.

Just this Spring, UC Berkley announced that, for the first time ever, more women had enrolled into their computer science program than did men.

And finally, we’re starting to see evidence that young girls are gaining more and more interest in computer science. In 2013, Code.org’s “Hour of Code” campaign launched and after the first week - 15 million students had written more than 500 million lines of code - more than half of those participants were girls.

Women In Tech
Panel Discussion