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Dear Members,

First off, we want to say THANK YOU! It’s been an incredible 4+ years of learning, growing, and empowerment. Unfortunately, we (your GDI chapter leaders) have come to realize our vision for the greater Ann Arbor community no longer aligns with GDI’s mission. We decided to create a new organization that allows us more freedom to serve the community as we see fit. We cannot wait to forge this new path with the Ann Arbor tech community.

We are excited to announce a new organization called Tech-Inclusive that aims to better serve the greater Ann Arbor community.

Tech-Inclusive is dedicated to empowering underrepresented people in tech, and empowering allies to become advocates. We are helping individuals and companies improve through creating an inclusive, supportive community, and providing low-barrier, safe learning opportunities and networking events.

Look for us at our new home;

Stay tuned for our first event, coming early 2019! In the meantime, please follow us on social media, drop us a line to say hi on Twitter, or email us at,,

GDI Ann Arbor slack will not be going away; it will be renamed. If you are not already on our slack you can request an invite here, feel free to message Ronda or Megan any questions.

We look forward to creating and maintaining a wonderful community with you! Please let us know if you have any questions or comments. Ronda and Megan will be attending our final GDI Code & Coffee Saturday December 8, 2018 at Espresso Royale on State Street 10am - 1pm and will be happy to answer any questions there as well.

With all of our love,
Ronda, Megan and Emily

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